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All Aboard!      
Trains are fascinating! Buy a ticket at Union Station’s ticket window and head on down to track #1 for a tour of the museum’s train cars, caboose, and steam engine. Learn about the kinds of cars on a train, the experiences children had while riding, and what the train signals and whistles mean. Our “O” scale model train adds to the railroading fun, allowing children to see how towns thrived by having a railroad depot! Finally, explore the building of the Transcontinental Railroad through museum displays and artifacts. All aboard!

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Building Our City Guided Tour

Students will use artifacts and interactive activities to explore Omaha by looking at its major historical events, prominent citizens, businesses, immigration trends, and ethnic diversity. Students also will enjoy studying changes in transportation and the effects those changes had on the city of Omaha. Students also will get a chance to board the museum’s train cars and “ride” a streetcar. This tour is specifically aligned with the third-grade Nebraska Social Studies standards.

Games, Galore, and More!
It’s time to play! Learn about trinkets, knickknacks, and pastimes from days gone by. Try your hand at a variety of Native American and pioneer games. Also, learn why games have changed and evolved over the years, largely based on available materials.

Guided Tour
This guided tour will lead students through hundreds of years of area history while exploring museum exhibitions. The tour includes information on the history of the museum building, and winds through restored train cars into a Native American earth lodge and tipi, through re-created early Omaha city homes, and on to the Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898. This tour can be tailored to fit specific interests and needs of your class.

Historic Schoolroom
Step back to the 1890s and see how different it was to attend a one-room school! Explore daily life from this time period through artifacts, stories, and reciting real lessons that students did in their school. Who will be the spelling bee champion or have the best penmanship? Students also will compare their visit to what they experience in classrooms today.

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The Neighborhood Store

Bring your shopping list along as we take a trip back to the time of streetcars and neighborhood grocery stores. Visit the museum’s Buffett Grocery Store exhibit and discover the fun of shopping for penny candy. Learn how neighborhood grocery stores emphasized customer service and how grocery stores have changed since the early 1900s. Bring economics into your visit as you learn about needs and wants and how those two concepts have changed over time.

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Nebraska History Guided Tour
Students will experience Nebraska history through a hands-on tour highlighting the resources, people, and events that shaped Nebraska. Students will enjoy special activities that highlight Nebraska’s early explorers, the Plains Indians, westward expansion, changes in transportation, and Nebraska’s geography. Special map and data-gathering exercises will be utilized with the museum’s exhibitions. This tour is specifically aligned with the fourth-grade Nebraska Social Studies standards.

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Pioneer Life

Visit The Durham Museum’s log cabin, and learn about the daily life of a pioneer! You will experience pioneer games, clothing, and even food. Can you imagine living in a one-room cabin or sod house with your entire family? At The Durham Museum, you will see how the pioneers made do.

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On the Trail with Lewis and Clark

Join the expedition! Learn about the journey of Lewis and Clark through the uncharted Louisiana Purchase. Experience what it was like to track and map the distances the group traveled from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, as well as record the new plant and animal life they encountered during their long journey. Finally, students will travel to our Byron Reed exhibit, which includes real letters from William Clark and the journal of the expedition.

Plains Indian Life
Visit The Durham Museum’s earth lodge and tipi to explore the daily life of a member of a Plains Indian tribe! You will see and touch real buffalo hides and other artifacts from our collection. Classes will also experience Native American games and explore Plains Indian housing in our exhibits.

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Transportation Station
Have your tickets and tokens ready as you meet us at the station to explore modes of transportation from different time periods. Students will enjoy boarding a real train, exploring different types of train cars, “riding” a streetcar, and learning how the covered-wagon experience changed the Great Plains. The museum also has several vehicles to see, including a 1906 Holsman car, the 1932 Douglas truck, and “The Big Mack,” a restored Bekins truck from the 1920s.

Traveling Exhibition
Give your class a great opportunity to explore some of the nation’s top exhibitions. Click here for a list of current traveling exhibits. Resources for pre- and post- visit activities are available as well.

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