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River City History Tours are back!
Tours are $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Membership discount applies only to those in the household. Private tours are available year round. For more information on scheduling a private tour, please call 402-444-5027 or e-mail Payment is due at the time of reservation.

On Tap: Omaha’s Brewing History
Omaha’s rich brewing traditions started in 1858 with Nebraska’s first brewer, Frederick Krug. Over time, the breweries that helped put Omaha on the map have come and gone, but that rich history and passion has remained. If you enjoy hops, you’ll love learning about its history.
    1:30PM Tours: June 15, Aug. 24, Oct. 5
    6:00PM Tours: May 13, July 15, Sept. 9

Last Call for Alcohol-Omaha’s Bootlegging History
The 18th Amendment did not stop our thirst for alcohol. Local and federal authorities spent years on a case that ultimately brought down the “kingpin” of Omaha’s bootlegging scene. This tour’s presentation is based on a 1931 federal indictment against some of Omaha’s most notorious criminals.
    10:30AM Tours: May 31, June 28, Aug. 16, Sep. 13, Oct. 11
    1:30PM Tours: Aug. 31, Sept. 21
    6:00PM Tours: July 8, Sept. 21

Gritty City
Tour through downtown Omaha to see notorious historic sites such as the former home of Madame Anna Wilson, the Brandeis Building and the Paxton Hotel. Our knowledgeable guide will highlight the impact of noted individuals and events in our city’s sometimes turbulent history.
    10:30AM Tours: May 17, Sept. 27, Oct. 18
    1:30PM Tours: June 29, July 27
    6:00PM Tours: June 10, July 1,  Aug. 5, Sept. 16

From Expositions to Jazz Musicians
In 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition, which celebrated technology and showed that life was civilized west of the Mississippi River. Following the Exposition, stately homes, parks and jazz halls became the centerpiece of this diverse and vibrant community. This tour also includes a stop at the historic Florence Mill.
    1:30PM Tours: June 1, July 6, Aug. 3, Sept. 7

Millionaires & Mansions North Gold Coast
Explore the neighborhoods north of Dodge Street in mid-town Omaha. Along the way, learn about the Mercer Mansion, Joslyn Castle and the Louis Nash residence, to name just a few! The trolley will drive on the first curved street in the city and roll by many stately homes in the original “West Omaha.”
    10:30AM Tours: June 7, Sept. 6 
    1:30PM Tours: June 22, Aug. 17, Oct. 19
    6:00PM Tours: July 29, Sept. 23

Millionaires & Mansions South Gold Coast
Many early 1900s landmarks are south of Dodge Street in mid-town Omaha. See the Blackstone Hotel, the Storz Mansion and the home of Arthur and Zerlina Brandeis. See the beauty of traditional architecture and hear the stories of the people who built these homes.
    10:30AM Tours: June 21, Oct. 25 
    1:30PM Tours: May 18, July 20, Aug. 10, Sept. 28
    6:00PM Tours: Aug 26, Sept. 23

Magic City
Discover the history of South Omaha, which was founded in 1884 as a result of the Union Stockyards. Waves of immigrants flocked to the community to find work in packinghouses, breweries, smelting plants and other businesses. By 1890, South Omaha was the fastest growing city in the country, earning the nickname, “Magic City.”
    10:30AM Tours: June 14, July 19 , Aug. 2
    1:30PM Tours: Sept. 14, Oct. 12
    6:00PM Tours: May 20, June 24, Aug. 19